Powder Brush F286

Brush up your makeup bag!

Hello there Fairypants family!

It’s an exciting time of year, isn’t it? The hectic festive season is behind us, Valentine’s Day has been and gone, and we’re heading into Spring, the season of all things clean and new 🙂

We’ve got fabulous news for anyone who – like us – likes to treat themselves right about now. Nothing picks you up out of the between-season slump like a cheeky bit of retail therapy after all – even better when your self-treat is an absolute bargain AND cruelty free!

Regular followers of our social media may know that we’ve recently had some new additions to our collection over at Fairypants HQ, in the form of our fabulous range of cosmetic brushes!

Powder Brush F286

F286 Powder Brush – £16.99

F126 Foundation Brush – £16.99

F211 Contour Brush – £9.99











Our brushes are made especially for us, by another small business in the UK. Their handles are crafted from responsibly-sourced wood from sustainable forests and the synthetic bristle fibres are made from Tacklon, which aside from being cruelty-free, will also stop you from wasting product by applying evenly without gobbling it all up in the same way that natural brushes do!

These beauties are absolute must-have for the cruelty-free cosmetics fan! Whether you have a vegan lifestyle, you just want to make sure that your makeup collection doesn’t contribute to any harmful practices in the name of beauty, or you just fancy a wallet-friendly treat, we’ve got you covered!

Have you tried any of our brushes yet? Why not drop us a comment below? Let us know on Twitter or better yet, show us your gorge beauty shots on Instagram!

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Keep your peepers peeled for more blog posts about these brushes – there will be more coming very soon!


2 thoughts on “Brush up your makeup bag!

  1. Hey Fairypants! I am more and more convinced to changing my make-up to vegan-approved products. Though “only” a veggie myself, I enjoy putting creams on my body that don’t contain any animal products. As for the brushes, it is so important for me to know that animals didn’t have to suffer for my beauty. It is totally unneccesary nowadays. No more excuses! 🙂

    • Excellent! We stand by the fact our products aren’t JUST for vegans – they’re for anyone wishing to clean up their make-up bag! Good luck on your journey! xox

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