Moon Holographic Nail Varnish

Clawless, but still flawless

Happy new year fairy folk!

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that something dreadful has happened.

These (below) were the nails that we were sporting in October – if you’re interested, that’s ‘Jaune’ from our Gel Nail Varnish Gift Set topped with ‘Moon’ from our Holographic collection (also available individually).

Just look at those lovely squoval talons! We worked so hard looking after our paws to grow them…


THEN, just after Christmas, disaster struck, and in a tragic doorknob-related accident, two of these glorious claws met their untimely demise. It became necessary to… to… CLIP THEM ALL DOWN. Oh, the horror!

Now, we’ve had long nails for such a long time that we couldn’t help feeling like our fingers now look like stubby lumberjack toes. When you’re trying to channel pure molten sass, one cannot have lumberjack stubbiness ruining one’s aura of magic.

Naturally, it was nail varnish to the rescue! Specifically ‘Victoria’ (from our metallic collection). ‘Victoria’ is the most mesmerisingly majestic royal blue with that subtle hint of shimmer to bring out all of the metallic loveliness. As beautiful as she is though, we wanted some extra sparkle to cheer us up even more. Hello, ‘Moon’ and ‘Mars’! These holographic little beauties were alternated as toppers on our mega-sparkle mani, partly because we like to play with colour combos and partly because we just couldn’t choose between them 😀

AND LOOK AT US NOW! Index and ring finger wear ‘Mars’ as a topper. Pinkie and middle wear ‘Moon’.



That’s right, fairy family. We done got our sass back. People often say ‘I cannot even!” and we suspect that they CAN, in fact, even. On this occasion, we cannot actually even. There’s more shimmer in that mani than in Tinkerbell’s jewellery box. Personally, our favourite combination is ‘Victoria’ + ‘Moon’. The blue tones of Victoria peeking through the holographic glitter gives a gunmetal-esque look that we cannot get enough of.

Nice try, lumberjack stubs, but we win this round!