Fairy Potter and the Philosopher’s Nails: Part I

Hey there Fairy family!

You know, they say that admitting you have a problem is the first step. So here we go, I’m saying it… *deep breath*

I am STILL addicted to Harry Potter. I am a 30 year old woman who just cannot get enough of Potter and his pals, since I started the books over a decade and aa half ago.

So one day, I’d removed my old nail varnishes, and done my usual routine of lining up all of my favourite colours, whilst watching The Half Blood Prince movie (my favourite of all the books, incidentally), and I was just compelled to pay mani-homage to the series.

Maybe only die-hard fan would recognise what I’ve done here, but here goes!

Thumb: Ravenclaw colours

Index finger: Slytherin colours

Middle finger: Hufflepuff colours

Ring ringer: my own (possibly a bit out-there) take on a patronus

Pinky: Gryffindor colours


Now, I took the pic RIGHT after finishing them, so do excuse the little globs of varnish my m’cuticles, but let’s get into it!

First up, we’re going over the Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor looks, as they all use more or less the same technique.

First, you’ll want to put down a nice, white base, to make sure all those beautiful colours pop! Naturally, I’ve used Fairypants ‘Blanc’.

On the thumb, I’ve done a French tip using ‘Bleu’ from the same ‘Paintbox’ collection as ‘Blanc’.

On the index, a layer of the gorgeous silver – ‘Katherine’- from the ‘Metallics’ collection.

On the pinky, a full layer of ‘Elizabeth’ – a sumptuous yellow-toned gold, also from the ‘Metallics’ set.

To complete the thumb, you’ll just need to recreate that same French tip curve at the BASE of your nail – leaving the strip of white in the centre for contrast, that base is a layer of the gorgeous sunshine-yellow ‘Jaune’ from ‘Paintbox’ topped with the stunning ‘Mars’, an orange-red toned glitter polish from the ‘Holographic’ collection. The colours for Ravenclaw are described as blue and bronze, so I had to do a bit of mix and match to create that bronzey colour, but you could certainly try some other mixes to achieve it!

To complete your Slytherin look (index finger) – it’s almost the same technique with different colours. The bottom section stays silver, the top two-third (ish) is ‘Anne’ from the ‘Metallics’ set, a lovely medium green – reminiscent of mint leaves. Top the whole lot with ‘Moon’ from that gorgeous holographic collection and then divide the green & silver using a strip of ‘Noir’ from the ‘Paintbox’ collection.

Gryffindor (pinky) as we all know, has the colour scheme of a beautiful regal red and gold. We’ve already got ‘Elizabeth’ laid down, so we just need to add a French-mani swipe at the top using ‘Mary’ – Elizabeth’s Metallic collection sister, a beautiful warm red. Just to add a little brightness, I popped some white (‘Blanc’) dots along the dividing line. You can get a special stylus (commonly called a ‘dotting tool’) from many arts/crafts/beauty stores, but you can just as easily create those dots using the end of the bobby pin!

To create those French tip curves, you CAN purchase guides/stickers from nail art supply stockists/beauty shops. However, if you use a pair of nail scissors/clippers – which have their blades curved – you can simply snip your own line guides from the end of a roll of masking tape. Beauty on a budget is something that Fairypants will ALWAYS be excited for!

Don’t forget to check back in next week to learn how to pull off that Hufflepuff & Patronus look!

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Seeya soon pals!