Forget Black Friday!

This year it’s all about GREEN FRIDAY!

Let’s be honest, this year has been rubbish for most of us, but at Fairypants we really wanted to remind you what an amazing positive impact you have by support smaller businesses like ourselves, especially during such an uncertain time.

Black Friday is fast approaching which we all know is a great time to pick up a bargain, but this year we wanted to raise awareness of the importance of supporting smaller companies.

When you shop with a local business you help to improve the local economy.  Research has shown that for every £1 spent in a small/medium shop, 63p will stay within the local community, compared with just 40p when you shop in a bigger store.  This is down to the fact that local business owners and employees are more likely to spend their money on fellow local businesses.

Small-scale businesses create more local jobs.  In fact, they’re the biggest employer in the private sector, creating a whopping 3 in 5 jobs! More great news is that smaller companies tend to pay a fairer, higher wage compared with bigger chain stores.  This has an immediate effect on staff well-being, helping to boost the morale of all employees as they’re being treated more fairly.  Alongside this, employees within smaller companies reported that they feel their opinions are respected and that they can have a more flexible, practice approach to work.

I know right now that shopping at local Fairs and Events is a distant memory, but smaller businesses are more likely to take part in these (and are itching to get back to them), which helps to enrich the local community. These events not only provide a more positive shopping experience for the customer, but they are a fantastic way for business owners to meet like-minded people.

Small businesses offer something unique; they add character to an area and keep diversity alive.  Handmade items come in all shapes and sizes which provides the customer with something a little special and different from the run of the mill items you see in bigger chains.

Now we are more aware than ever the impact we’re having on our planet with every purchase we make.  Therefore, it’s important to look at the air or sea miles an item has had to travel to reach us.  Local companies tend to source locally too meaning items haven’t had to use as much fuel to get to you.  Also, more businesses than ever are choosing more sustainable packaging options to send their goods in when ordered online, opting for paper and cardboard protection over plastic bubble wrap.

I think the biggest positive effect of shopping with smaller brands is that you have a much better, more personal experience as a customer.  You’re more likely to speak directly with the business owner and can build rapport with them.  The owners are more open to feedback and can solve any issues that arise quicker and in a tailored way.

Whenever a small business makes a sale, the owner does a happy dance! You’re helping to pay their rent, put food on their table and keep their dream alive.

Thank you so much again for support us at Fairypants, we appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to Like, Share, Comment and shop with us.

To say thank you, this year we’re offering a 20% discount with the code UGH2020 (valid until 30th November 2020).  Every purchase made will automatically generate a donation to the wondering Whitegate Animal Sanctuary, who rescue unwanted and neglected animals from the agricultural industries.


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