Lip Kit Gift Set

Get fierce, festival-ready lips!


A couple of weeks ago, we were telling you how to get those peepers festival-fierce! This week, let’s get started on those smackers!

Another throwback: we talked last week about dry skin, but of course, one of the biggest victims of extremely warm Summer weather is that gorgeous cakehole of yours! Nobody likes chapped lips – it’s just no fun. They feel gross, then they crack and you can’t eat salty, vinegary chips at the beach because it stings – that’s just not a life we’re willing to put up with. On top of all THAT – your favourite lippie is almost guaranteed to just highlight your poor ouchy mouthy 🙁

Well, don’t you worry fairies! We’re on it! Whether you’re sun-ward bound or looking forward to a staycation, you need to make sure that you prepare for warmer weather, and we’ve got just the things you need at a thigh-slappingly delightful price!

Our lip kit gift sets (below) are THE most perfect things for the sun-monsters among you!

Lip Kit Gift Set

Firstly, you get your lip scrub. What flavour do you fancy? Marshmallow? Peppermint? Lemon drizzle? I know – my mouth’s watering too. Just smoosh a little dab of this on and rub it in thoroughly till your lips feel the right amount of luscious. As a bonus, you can also eat the sugar off your mouth afterwards – hooray!

Secondly, choose yourself a lip balm from our fabulous range! Strawberry Cheesecake? Parma Violet? Pina Colada? You may be thinking “this is no time for a snack break – I need a lip balm”, oh my precious, those are our flavours! Never fear! Unfortunately, with all great things there is a drawback. The drawback of these beauts is that it’s a real test of your willpower not to just find a spoon and eat them. You will definitely be tempted. We’re amazed that we have any stock left at Fairypants HQ to be honest. We’ve had to throw away all the spoons just in case.

Thirdly – oh my gosh it’s exciting – do you love a power lip? That is, do you like to wear a sassy colour on those smackers to show the world who’s in charge? Well! You. Are. In. Luck.

Whether you’re after blood-red, a party pink or electric blue, we have you covered with our variety of super moisturising lip paints 😉 We’re going to sign off now, but we’ll leave some pics below for you to peruse!


Joan Lip Paint

Rita Lip Paint

Gladys Lip PaintVera Lip Paint

Ivy Lip Paint