Ice, Ice, Mani

Ooh ‘eck peeps, it’s been frosty out there hasn’t it?

Well, you know us, we always like to make the best out of a bad situation, so we thought, ‘if we can’t beat the cold, we’ll play it at its own game’. We came up with this chill-inspired mani to brighten up those dull, Winter mornings 🙂 Whaddya think?

You will need:

Fairypants ‘Bleu’ Paintbox Gel Nail Varnish – £3.99

Fairypants ‘Blanc’ Paintbox Gel Nail Varnish – £3.99

Fairypants ‘Moon’ Holographic Nail Varnish – £3.99

This is a super simple one! For the thumb, index and pinky fingers, you just need two coats of the Fairypants ‘Bleu’ polish and then top it off with a thin layer of ‘Moon’.

For the middle and ring finger, you’ll need two decent coats of ‘Blanc’, THEN use either French mani stickers or masking tape to cover off most of the nail, leaving a shallow triangle at the very top (although you COULD cover off the triangle instead, to invert the colours).

Give that triangle a good splash of ‘Bleu’. This can be tricky with regular nail varnishes – getting the coverage you need in one coat – but Fairypants polishes dry so quickly and thoroughly, that you can afford to be a little more generous with those coats!

Carefully peel the tape off before the polish has dried, top it all off with ‘Moon’ and Hey Presto! You’ve got yourself a mani any snow queen would be proud to brandish 🙂

What colours would you do this with? Hit us up on Twitter and Instagram to share your fab Fairypants mani ideas!