Keep calm and carry on being wonderful

Hi there everyone,

this is going to be a bit of a different blog post than what you’re used to. We usually use the blog to show you our new products, and give you ideas for how to use them and create interesting looks.

However, 2017 has – as we’re all aware – presented some fairly serious talking points. Outside of the horrific acts of terror we’ve seen, the country has been through an incredibly polarising general election, and we’re now walking into pretty unprecedented territory as far as Brexit goes.

This isn’t a political opinion piece. We just recognise that the little corner of the world that we all live in is – at best, tumultuous, and at worst, frightening. When we’re frightened, it’s so easy to have our perspective thrown off, and to react in  anger, frustration and grief, and to feel a little helpless. We wanted to address those feelings, because this is the internet, and it’s the best platform we have to balance out the scales.

My name is Charley – which, as some of you will know – means that I’m not the founder of Fairypants. That title belongs to the beautiful Natalie. A long-time fan of Fairypants, I started contributing to the blog for her, so that she could focus on those gorgeous products that we all love so much. I met Nat just over ten years ago. We were at university together. If I had to describe my first impression of her in one word, it would be ‘sunshine’. Literally. Her eyelids were coated in a show-stopping canary-yellow eyeshadow, and she was laughing and joking with some mutual friends of ours. We chatted a little and had a little chuckle, and that’s how we became friends. She was tiny little lady (she really is tiny. I’m 5ft 3 and I’ve always felt pretty tall next to her) with the beaming happiness of a zillion sunrays. Her temperament and good nature made everybody smile.

When she started Fairypants – it wasn’t just a business – it was an extension of that beautiful, sunshiney personality that everyone loved. When she expanded into cosmetics, she made everything cruelty-free, because if Nat had her way, the whole world and everything in it would be cruelty-free.

Fairypants was grown from a seed of hope, happiness and fairness, with the aim to be kind in every way possible. All of our amazing, fun-loving and creative Fairies out there – whether frequent customers or Instagram followers – you’re all beautiful people. You engage with us – and presumably the rest of the world – in a positive way. You share our pics and tell your friends about us. You let us know what you love and what new products you’re excited for. You tell other members of our Fairy Family that you love the looks they’ve created.

So – we just wanted to say this, Fairy friends – when the sky clouds over and the world becomes a little darker, as it has done in recent times- just carry on being another ray of sunshine. A shining torch to light the way for others. It is what we love you for, and that light may be enough to make the world a more hopeful, joyful place for all of us.

We are proud to have you as our family. Keep on doing what you’re doing and being wonderful.