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Charcoal Glitter Paint

Charcoal Glitter Paint


Charcoal is the perfect silver.

Say hello to your new best friend – a glitter paste so thick you can dazzle your enemies in a single swipe. No need for our Glitter Fix Gel, this biodegradable beauty goes on and stays on!

Use your finger or a brush to add the paint directly to your skin wherever you want to sparkle – perfect for eyelids, cheeks and eyebrows!

Using gorgeous Biogllitter, these sparkles are guilt free, and are made from a form of plant cellulose, degrading in water or soil in a matter of weeks. So get your shine on!

Remove with your usual make-up remover.



Biodegradable Glitter

Vegetable Glycerin


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Fairypants is a small business that I started in Chester Market in 2009. Fairypants grew as family and friends wanted a piece of the action, and now it includes vegan cosmetics, skincare, perfume – and some fabulous gift sets! Our product ranges are growing all the time, so make sure you stay in touch.

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