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Self Tan – Medium

Self Tan – Medium


Fancy getting a cruelty free golden glow? Our new Self Tan comes in three shades, all scented with coconut for minimal eau de biscuit – though you may still detect it slightly, we’re not wizards.

Medium will suit most people – it’s perfect for holiday prep so you don’t blend in with the white sand on your first day. It’s also great for those who just want a deeper glow than our Light shade can provide – More long weekend in Rome than day trip to Llandudno.

Our mousses are velvety soft and easy to apply with a silky smooth flow. Achieve a beautiful tan with just one application- if you don’t have a special tan mitt, then these mousses work really well with any disposable glove, like you’d use for dyeing your hair. If you do go in bareback, just make sure you scrub your palms afterwards to avoid the Orange Hand Effect ™

This tan develops over a period of 8 hours, and can then be washed off leaving behind a glow fit for a goddess.

200ml of golden, mousse-y goodness


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