Orange and Vanilla Dry Skin Balm

Show some Summer lovin’ to your skin <3

Hello there! How fairy nice to see you!

*sigh* as much as we ADORE basking in the lovely warm sunshine, we have to admit, it really does a number on our skin sometimes. Even if you avoid the dreaded burn, there’s no getting away from parched, dry skin, which is why it’s SUPER important to show it some love in the warmer months.

We know how it is too, the great skin products ALWAYS cost a fortune, and you don’t want to spend a fortune finding the right one, because how many lotion frogs will you have to kiss to find your supple skin prince? What a palaver it all is!

As ever – Fairypants to the rescue! Our range of dry skin lotions and potions are not only scintillatingly scented in some ridiculously delicious options, but we’ve also thought of your bank accounts too!

Our large dry skin balm is just £9.99, but you can get a medium size for just £6.99 or a cutie pie tester for £3.99 🙂

If you just can’t choose between Rose & Mint, Orange & Vanilla or ‘Natural’, you could always treat yourself to all three in a gift set of our minis!


Packed to the rafters with goodies like jojoba wax, shea butter and sweet almond oil, the thing to remember with these little beauts is that a little goes a LONG way. Dab your finger in there, rub between your hands and let the warmth of your paws melt it down into an unbeatable super-oil for that lovely skin of yours! It’s a welcome treat for those difficult dry skin areas like elbows, but ALSO a cheeky little bit of loveliness for your hands and cuticles too- heaven knows, the sun really does a number on a fairy’s digits.

When your nails are too dry – they become brittle and snap more easily. That’s why it’s important to keep that area of your fairy claws lovely and looked after. We love rubbing a bit of orange and vanilla dry skin balm in when we moisturise, but if you want something more specialised, we can help you there too!

Our cuticle oil is just £3.99 a bottle! MAYBE, just maybe, the most inexpensive treat out there that a fairy could give her beloved talons <3 Whether you’re a lifelong nail-fanatic who pampers her paws daily, or a forgetful sausage who swipes on a cuticle oil once in a blue moon, your nails will thank you for this lovely treat 🙂

Have your bought any of our lovely products for dry skin? What’s your fave? Let us know in the comments!