Pina Colada Body Butter

Skincare – Summer Lovin’ Part II!

We know we’re becoming a bit of a broken record now, but it is SO important to look after your skin, especially in any kind of harsh weather – hot OR cold.

We’ve been through the dry skin balms, but balms aren’t to everyone’s taste, and we know that. However, we have YET to meet a human (or fairy) who dislikes a body butter. Even the thought gets the pamper-princess in me all excited. There’s something so luxurious about getting out of a lovely bubble bath, wrapping up in a big cosy towel and slathering yourself in a gorgeous, fragrant lotion. The only area of debate is – what gorgeous thing do I want to smell like? When it comes to Fairypants – as ever – we’re giving you the options that nobody else does 😉

Cola Bottles Body Butter

We have Pina Colada, or Parma Violet, or – I’d better stop there before I get carried away, but there are more to choose from!

Even better, we have shower gels and perfumes that coordinate with these, so you can layer up in your favourite scents and be good to go for the whole day!

You could mix and match a few of your favourite individuals, of course, or for just £30, you could just indulge yourself with a matching set! Strawberry Bellini anyone?

Rhubarb & custard fragrance Gift Set

If you’ve got any gals in your life who are basking bathtub beauties – we all know someone who’s almost a mermaid – why not treat them? What better way to say ‘I love you, girl’ than to make them smell like a dessert? If there’s a way better than that, I simply don’t know it and nor do I want to. If I had my way, everyone and everything would smell like desserts, at all times. Harumph.


Anyway you gorgeous creatures – we’ll catch you next time! Stay beautiful you fabulous fairy friends!