Smokey eye gift set

Step up your eyeshadow game!

Hello there fairy family!

What a wonderful time of year – bank holidays galore and getting ready for the sun! Who’s going to a festival this Summer?


As we all know, the name of the game at festivals is all out, fearless and fun fashion 🙂 Its that time where we can all shamelessly rock our most colourful clothes and wild locks, and just enjoy the musical madness around us!

Don’t leave your peepers behind! If there was ever a great reason to rock a bold layer of shimmery rainbows on your eyes, that reason is ‘festival’.

Look at these beautiful gals (pictured below) – you could block-colour your eyelid, or create a gorge gradient. You could even use them wet to create your own colour-bomb eyeliner 🙂 The great thing about our loose powder shadows is that they’re so versatile!

One cheeky trick is to dab some lip balm on the back of your hand, scoop a little loose powder into it, and HEY PRESTO, you have yourself a sassy, unique lip colour 😉 Why take a thousand beauty products with you, when you can get so many uses out of one?

Mix and Match Eyeshadow Set

Wet, dry or mixed with your favourite balm, these girlies will not let you down! Personally, our super fave right now is taking a a bold Summery colour like ‘Miranda’ and applying wet as a chunky liner, then topping her with a little dry to help her stay in place 🙂

You can purchase our shadows individually, as little sets of three, or even get the whole lot in one giant self-pressie (I know, that’s a dangerous number of options to give a shadow-junkie 😉 We even have a smokey eye set that includes one of our stunning new shadow brushes!

What’s your staple festival look? Show us your eye-spiration on Insta!