Neon Nail Varnish Gift Set

Summer Picks: Charley’s top 3!

Hey all!

Now anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am a SHAMELESS addict of bright colours. This really serves me well in the Summer, when it tends to be more ‘on-trend’ to rock rainbows.

I thought it would be fun to do a top three for the season, since it is kind of my makeup-vibe, and later, maybe do another post with the top 3 as chosen by Nat – Chief Fairy herself!

As I mentioned in the previous post – I have always been a fan of the Fairypants range. My SUPER favourite products are the nail varnishes., so of course they’d take first place…

#1 – I am a SUCKER for nail varnish. An absolute plonker for them. I have about a zillion of pretty much every colour in existence. More than that, I ADORE bright colours in my cosmetics. A few years ago, I saw a ‘Summer Neon’ set of nail varnishes – at the Duty Free shop in the airport – made by a well known, high end makeup brand. When I got home and gleefully unwrapped them, I discovered that they were in fact, quite bright pastels. ‘Disappointed’ doesn’t even cover it. THEN, fast forward about 6-12 months later, and Fairypants released the Neon collection.

Can you see why I was excited? LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS! I’d have to say ‘Imp’ – that stunning neon yellow – is probably my favourite, if only for the fact that it’s such an unusual shade to find in TRUE neon glory as a nail varnish. ‘Siren’ – the orange, is a close second. If you’re a fan of bright, unusual nail looks – I 100% recommend this set to you. Top tip: to get the very best colour saturation – these are at their SUPER brightest over a white base.

#2 – ‘Joan’ lip paint

Joan Lip Paint

I must admit, I tend to lean towards very unusual lip colours. I LOVE dark purples, blues, browns… I enjoy a bright pink, or a fire engine red, but I don’t really gravitate towards them. When the lip paints came out, I chose this colour at least partly because my Nana’s name was Joan. But Oh. My. Days. This blue-based fuchsia is just TOO MUCH. Its brightness is matched in its magicalness only by the beautiful, creamy texture that glides on, maintains its shine, and keeps your lips feeling soft and smooth. The double bonus here is that Fairypants has these stunning lip paints in a veritable rainbow of colours. Coral? Got it. Red? Check. Purple? Psht, we have that. Royal Blue? Darn tootin’! Green? YUP!

#3 – Dry Skin Balm (orange and vanilla)

In many ways, I’m very lucky with my skin. I’ve never had bad spots, my skin’s not super sensitive, and I’m not pale enough that I have to hide indoors when the sun comes out.

However, I am irritatingly prone to dry skin. I get patches on my face, arms, or my hands, where the skin will just suddenly become very dry. When I saw the Fairypants Dry Skin Balm hitting the internet shelves, I immediately knew it was for me. Better yet, it was available in one of my favourite scents – orange. In this case, orange and vanilla. It is also up for grabs in ‘rose and mint’ and ‘natural’.

I like to slather my hands in this to keep them soft – I especially like it for my cuticles & nail beds. I keep my little tin on my desk at work and pamper my paws whenever I get the chance <3
A great thing about these is that they come in different sizes. If you want the biggie, it’s £9.99 for 100g. If you’d prefer a lil’ tester, you can snaffle up a little 30g tin for £3.99. If you just can’t decide what size you need, you can grab a 60g tin for £6.99. You can also get a set of three – one of each fragrance – in the small 30g tins, for just £10! Great as a gift in a pamper set for a pal, or even all for yourself 😉

Okie doke! So those are my top three picks for the Summer! What are yours?